Top 21 for Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 – After several days of orientation upon moving in at Duta Villa @ Setia Alam, the names and profiles of top 21 finalists to contend for the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 were announced today.

However, the prospect of another three weeks of intensive training at SP Setia Berhad’s township development, and pre-crowning challenges to the finals proved a little too much for two individuals who decided to opt-out early.

The remaining top 19 are (In alphabetic order): Cheryll Ho, Cynthia Chan, Denise Th’ng, Elaine Wong, Foong Tsin, Hema Gayathiry, Jean Lim, Karina Grewal, Kausalya Ida, Kim Goh, Lalitha Monisha, Livonia Ricky, Lyn Lim, Nicole Aldeth, Patricia Lee, Ramona K., Sabrina Beneett, Shangkharee Nadarajan and Vivian C.

According to Miss Universe Malaysia Organization's (MUMO) Pageant Advisor and Mentor, Elaine Daly, "The training program encompasses every aspect of holding the role of someone who will represent our country. It will also gear the candidates to be better primed and focused for the upcoming finals."

MUMO officials said, the venue in which the training was conducted offered the ideal environment for finalists to focus on their individual goals, as well as, have the comforts and conveniences they require. The entire exercise will be documented and filmed to be featured on a reality TV show.

The Miss Universe Malaysia pageant 2014 is surely beginning to crack the whip for a promising showdown. As of today, opportunities will be open at MUMO’s official Facebook page for the public to propose questions to be asked during the finals. Creative and unique questions will be chosen to be aired on TV.

Daly says, “Audiences can be more involved now. We're literally throwing the ball back to you. It’s time for you to ask the finalists your questions."