Kuala Lumpur, 26 November 2015 – Rich in cultural diversity and a symbol of Malaysia’s unique heritage, the ‘Bunga Mas’ National Costume and the stunning Preliminary Evening Gown for the 64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant by designer Jovian Mandagie were revealed by reigning Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 Vanessa Tevi Kumares today.

The National Costume by Jovian Mandagie with headpiece by Bremen Wong, as well as the Preliminary Evening Gown by Jovian Mandagie will be showcased by Vanessa Tevi Kumares at the 64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant National Costume Show and Preliminary Show respectively, to be held on 16 December 2015 in Las Vegas, USA.

The ‘Bunga Mas’ is inspired by the traditions of the royal palaces of Malaysia. This ‘gold flower’ was a special gift traditionally presented by the Sultans of the northern Malayan states of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu to the powerful King of Siam as a symbol of friendship. The National Costume is designed exclusively by Jovian Mandagie with the sculptured ‘Bunga Mas’ embellishing the top, matched with a draped, sculptured skirt made of exclusive purple songket. A discreet front slit is incorporated to the skirt to enhance grace through mobility.

The ‘Bunga Mas’ concept is influenced by the Malay culture in Malaysia, which can be seen in ceremonial and auspicious occasions, and typically used as decoration. This unique tradition embodies the eternal value of the culture, heritage and tradition in Malaysia. Understatedly elegant, this modern National Costume pays homage to the royal traditions of the land.

This year, MUMO will be supporting the Malaysia AIDS Foundation (MAF). Through the partnership, MUMO aims to raise funds and more significantly, create awareness on the prevention of HIV/AIDS prevention amongst young women. A portion of the proceeds raised from the Miss Universe Malaysia events will be channelled to MAF’s Treatment, Care and Support Programme which seeks to improve access to HIV healthcare, support and welfare services for Malaysia’s underserved communities who are affected by HIV and AIDS, particularly women and children.

““I like to create a dress that is extraordinary and exquisite, especially when it is related to a rich, everlasting culture and heritage. It makes the piece look and feel even more distinctive and effortlessly unique. The dress itself has a personality and character of its own,” said Jovian Mandagie.

The unique headpiece by Bremen Wong is inspired by none other than the majestic peacock. The peacock possesses some of the most admired human characteristic, and is a symbol of integrity, grace and beauty that one can achieve when one endeavors to show their true colors. It is the National Bird of India, while gold is considered as an auspicious color in the Chinese culture. The detailing of the headpiece is also a reinterpretation of the ‘Cucuk Sanggul’ (a traditional Malaysian head piece), a modern millinery portrayed in a contemporary and abstract style.

For the Preliminary Evening Gown, Jovian created an exquisite, modern look that aims to impress the crowd with its 3D draping technique, giving the illusion of a flowy mermaid silhouette. This dress is made of double satin and soothing organza, oozing classic femininity at its best. It exudes elegance through the fabric used in fuchsia to complement the whole look. Designed with a touch of glamour, this outstanding gown gives a feeling of understated allure as it forms a significant silhouette. This dress is inspired by the persona behind Vanessa, full of grace and charm much like her personality.

Jovian Mandagie elaborated, “For this year’s dress, I wanted it to stand out and I was aiming for something extraordinary. It has to be modern and contemporary yet still refined. Vanessa will definitely work the dress stunningly and she will complement the dress well. I am sure Malaysia will be rooting for her.”

“Every year, we see different interpretations of the National Costume and interesting storytelling of tradition, culture, and essence that represents Malaysia. It is exciting to watch Jovian’s second Malaysian story come into realization for the Miss Universe stage. He has definitely painted a beautiful picture on Vanessa as she takes on Las Vegas!” added Carey Ng, National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO).

Jovian Mandagie previously designed the National Costume and Preliminary Evening Gown worn by Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett for the 61st Miss Universe Pageant.